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Taipei Courier Service: Fassenger




We can do you logo and graphic by Print, Embroidery, patch and hot emboss.

We design and produce high quality and functional merchandise to fulfill today's mobile and commute living needs. We offer production and design service to organizations and groups who need premium products to their market.


You are courier service company, boutiques, fashion brands and even your team, our corporate pricing and design solution to have the result of 1 + 1 over 2.


Exploding your idea to make it to live.

Getting Start:


1. Pick one of our bags or clothes , think about where to put your design on.



2. Complete the table here>


3. We will get back to you in 1-2 days and discuss the price and how to work it.


4. If you want to make a completely new design, please email us.

* Usually production required minimum 10 - 20 pcs per order depends on which item you pick. If you cannot fulfill the bottom order quantity, a high surcharge may be involved. Please discuss with us.

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