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Memory of 2016 China Fixed Gear trips


We went to CFG Criterium 2016 Shenzhen and Shanghai. It is fun to travel and to cycle with friends. Both Shenzhen and Shanghai are great, great food and roads are great to ride.

We wish we can go more places, to race more. Next time will be your city.

Product showcase:

Victoria backpack demonstration

Wally backpack demonstration

Wally backpack Stop motion

Courier messenger demonstration

Highway messenger demonstration

Urban messenger demonstration

Pedal straps demonstration

Water repellent test

Fordma Footage:

2016 Dongguan Criterium

20 mins high interval intensity training

Handmade in Hong Kong

2015 China Fixed Gear Criterium Final

2014 Taiwan trip


Fordma bike messenger

Fordma - Support your local bike shop

King Of Fixed Gear 4th

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